Corporate & Commercial Services


Comprehensive advice for sustainability

We provide specialised corporate services to Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Cooperative societies and Non-governmental organisations. We offer efficient and high-quality services to address the current business and legal concerns of our corporate clients.

Our services include Company secretarial services, Corporate governance Advisory, Startup Advisory, Commercial Contract Administration, Real Estate Consultancy.

Corporate Advisory Services

Our corporate secretarial team are committed to helping corporates remain compliant with local requirements all year long. We provide a range of services to corporates in various sectors including financial services, transportation & logistics, real estate & property development, etc.
Our services include:

Corporate Governance & Sustainability

With the increasing demand for accountability, board oversight and sustainability, we understand the need to comply with corporate governance codes and best practices.   Our Corporate Governance & Sustainability service assists companies to instil corporate governance mechanisms. Our approach is pragmatic.  We are committed to promoting good corporate governance standards and practices and we invest time in understanding your business, industry and specific governance and compliance needs.

We will work with your board to ensure that the implementation of governance structures and practices that address shareholder and stakeholder expectations. In this regard, we assist our clients in managing its governance health in the following ways:


Create, structure and support your business from inception.

With the high rate of start-up failure globally, we have developed a dynamic & specialised approach to mitigate risk of failure for Start-ups. We enjoy working with start-ups and our value comes from our experience in guiding start-ups through the corporate lifecycle up to expansion. We will advice on the most effective legal entity for your business and our goal is to help entrepreneurs and business owners start, grow and manage their companies.

Our Start-up Advisory team are business savvy and we help our clients wade through the complexity of market entry, growth and expansion. We partner with new businesses as their outsourced in-house counsel, business advisors & market strategists with flexible payment structures & affordable rates.

Whether you are participating in acceleration programs, at the incubation phase or preparing to pitch for investors, we are your go-to team to support you with legal counsel for your protection and position your business for investors.

Focus areas

Business Management Consulting

Preparing a business plan, human resource (HR) management, tax advisory, operations advisory, growth consulting,


Advice on the appropriate type of business to suit your specific business needs as well as tax-efficient structures.


We will advice on corporate governance structures for your business

Legal Documentation

Preparing & reviewing pre-incorporation agreements, shareholders agreement, term sheets, SAFE, financing agreements, & other documentation

Statutory & Regulatory Compliance

Prepare a regulatory grid to ensure statutory compliance of the business

Venture Capital Finance Advisory services

We will conduct a legal audit on your business ahead of pitching to investors, as well as drafting and reviewing financing documentation.

Commercial Contract Administration

We understand that as businesses enter different commercial arrangements, there is a need to reflect these arrangements in contracts. At Acuity Partners, our Corporate & Commercial services team collaborate with you to understand your commercial objectives and assist you in negotiating, preparing and review commercial contracts.

Real Estate Consultancy

We assist in the negotiation, preparation and review of real estate acquisitions and sales. At Acuity Partners, we provide practical, timely counsel on projects of all types and sizes particularly real estate.

Whether you need to lease a house, new headquarters or rent an office space in a strategic location, our real estate lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals. We assist all parties involved in a landlord-tenant relationship reach the consensus needed for mutual success.